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New shock cord system.

Shock cord system

Project Description

Made by 100 % latex the HTS shock cord is really innovative on his own design thinking on the new free pumping technique, in fact it has an enormous mechanical advantage in pulling the boom out to allowed to load and other pump and propel the boat forward again and for improving the aerodynamic the  front part is made with a small dynema rope.

For the test done in the laboratory  we achieve an important different between the old system shock cord  and our system.

The test was done adding  15 kg on the total length of 3m of the old  system 10 mm shock cord, after  five  minutes of constant load the stretch reach 300 % and after ten minutes the stretch extend over the double.

Our shock cord system for the same length after five minutes of the same load the stretch reach the 50% and after ten minutes retch 70% but because we reduce the cord by more than 50 % of the overall length we achieve the following percentage 20% of stretch after five minutes up to 40 % after ten minutes.

In sailing speaking talking about the old system design over 30 years ago the first load will start when the sailor hook the shock cord and than sailing upwind aiming the first windward mark the shock cord will lose the strength and once rounding the mark  and seeking for the right momentum to pump the sail downwind the sailor has to rock the hull leeward  to to help the boom to going out fot trying to propel your boat forward!

HTS shock cord pumping system will allowed you to pump more than double reducing the risk  of capsized making your rocking style more fluent!!

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