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Hiking Simulator.

For the serious dinghy sailor who wants to get and stay very fit for sailing.

Project Description

The Hiking Simulator (Patent pending) is one of our new products which has been designed for the dinghy sailor who wants to be at the top of their fitness throughout the season.

HiTech’s hiking simulator is the only simulator that has the original deck, Laser, Finn, Optimist.
It has a shock absorber system to prevent injury on back and knees.
Sailors tend to analyse their mast and sails but it is very difficult to analyse the hiking position at sea, but with the HBS it is possible to find the correct position on shore with the help of a coach assessing every move.

After analysing the hiking position, you can improve the stamina in your legs, abdominal area and opsoas muscle creating muscle memory.
Training an isometric muscle requires a lot of determination and attention on every single movement. In most cases the help of a professional trainer is needed.

A training program is vital for you to achieve
your goals.
Weight loss: With 10 minutes a day on the HBS, you can lose centimetres from around your waist.

Click Here to download the excercise program

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